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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy: Bio-Identical Estrogen Pellets vs Estrogen cream

Estrogen is an essential hormone for the female reproductive system, as well as for maintaining optimal bone density, healthy skin and hair, and overall well-being. Unfortunately, many women experience a decline in estrogen levels due to menopause or other conditions which can be addressed through estrogen replacement therapy. There are several different forms of estrogen replacement therapy available to suit your individual needs and preferences, such as bio-identical estrogen pellets and estrogen cream. In this blog post we will explore these two options in more detail so that you can make an informed decision about the best option for you.

Bio-Identical Estrogen Pellets

Bio-identical estrogen pellets are small, rice-sized pellets that are made from a natural form of identical estrogen to the hormone produced by the human body. These pellets are usually placed under the skin in either your hip or buttocks region and slowly released over time to provide a consistent level of estrogen in your body. This form of treatment is ideal for women who have difficulty remembering to take medication or experience fluctuating levels of estrogen. It is also less likely than synthetic alternatives to cause adverse side effects due to its natural composition.

Estrogen cream

Estrogen cream is a topical preparation applied directly onto the skin that is used primarily treat symptoms experienced during menopause such as hot flashes or vaginal dryness. Its convenience makes it particularly useful to women who find it difficult swallowing pills each day, however its main drawback lies in its consistency - it may not always provide the same amount of daily hormones as bio-identical pellets and therefore those needing higher doses may need to apply it more regularly in order for it achieve full efficacy in maintaining desirable hormonal levels.

When considering both treatments there are certain practicalities to consider such as ease of use; Bio-identical pellets require no direct intervention on your part outside of having them inserted by a healthcare professional whereas with cream you must ensure that you apply it appropriately every day according to your specific dosage requirements. However bio-identical pellets do require multiple insertion sites which some people may find inconvenient so opting for cream might be preferable if this aspect doesn’t appeal to you or isn’t feasible due to lack of access In terms of costs both treatments are generally affordable but again differences exist between both options where pellet treatments tend to be slightly more expensive up front but last up 6 months compared creams which require frequent reordering and refilling leading them too become costly over time if regular top ups are required, By discussing both options with your healthcare provider you can establish which form of estrogen is best suited for your individual needs.

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